Geologic history- relative dating notes

Published: 22.06.2018

NOVA online geologic timeline - includes pictures for the periods and links to information about different life forms. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Full Name Comment goes here. Do Now How much time is represented by letter B?

Early Hominids Mastodonts Geologic History Note Packet 1. How old is the Earth? The environment was extremely chaotic.

Why Am I Seeing This?

What can you infer happened in this area based on these footprints trace fossils? What is the story here? The best index fossils: Show related SlideShares at end.

Repeat this process for each of the profiles. Half live are not affected by environmental variables, such as changes in heat and pressure. Grand Canyon Stratigraphy Which isotopes are represented by the following graphs A, B, C? Provides an exact rock age includes radioactive dating.

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