Dating scammer rhoda naa from accra ghana

Published: 07.03.2018

So, it would probably take some time to discover what she was after and I don't have the time! Adviced me to text at

I don't know what her scam was going to be because she seems to take a lot of time and pay attention to detail when writing. Paul USA Report N9 added on September, 28, Hey she cheated on me euro had photos of melissa roy, she said she had euros in the bank and needed to get a visa to Sweden to get a guarantee that she can do, then sent her a visa to me, when she would buy the airline ticket she received no money from the bank, they said that the money was deposited into an account in Sweden so she can just take 'em out in Sweden, so she like to have for the ticket and buy various things which she would take with itself, at the airport immigration service had arrested her for that she had 35kg gold, and to let her do they have

She has a fake passport and airline tickets and itinery KLM. Her photos are being used by Sophia Asante, A. At one point, one book has to fall from a shelf to the floor to continue the book domino chain. Or is it he? Well, if you send money to any of these people, that money is being used to finance all kinds of other crimes and atrocacies.

One Of The West African Scammers Favorite Code Names: Rhoda Naa

But, think on this. She claims her love for you and desire to come live with you and get married. Part one originally aired on November 23, Thye record videos and play them back, then say the microphone is….

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Ghana scammer

She claimed to be born in Togo and now living in Ghana where she was attending school to be a caterer. Romance Scams Now Editorial Team says: It's dangerous without heart and without soul, play with your feelings.

Home about us faq's Contact Us forum blog updates. She wanted to come and visit me, send my a copy of the flight details, then hit me for money. At one point, one book has to fall from a shelf to the floor to continue the book domino chain.

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