Things to know when dating flight attendant

Published: 01.09.2017

My job isn't to enforce stuff — it's to let you know but there are certain things that you can't cross the line on — so don't make me pull this plane over. But, as a flight attendant, you have to do things with an abundance of caution.

How Do We Meet? We are trained to have compassion for passengers. In Beijing, you're laid over for 52 hours, so you can go shopping, you can go relax, and you can go get your hair and nails done and your back massaged — whatever you want to do there — and we stay in a really nice hotel.

I can use my airline discount for one companion in my case, my husband plus a similar discount for my immediate family members my mom and dad , meaning we all get to travel for dirt-cheap. And of course Whatsapp and Skype play a big role in the relationship. What's an obscure airplane rule that not many people know about? She can get you anything from anywhere in the world. I've had friends who have ended up in the hospital from exhaustion from the job.

How to Ask Out a Flight Attendant

Is it hard to date when you're a flight attendant? Your time clock gets crazy. But remember, they're using a rag to start row one, and when they end up in row 35, that rag has wiped a lot of tables. We've just walked through three times picking up trash, and I'm barely back to the galley, and I hear 'ding dong.

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      I should point out that these paid stopovers are much less common for FAs with domestic routes. Believe me, you will not find her showing you the way to emergency exits or how to use oxygen masks in her apartment.

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