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Published: 05.05.2018

The final event, though, was a two-month disaster in the making, and I blame myself. Decide who your target market will be.

If you show up expecting a freak show, you will meet a sideshow act. Marketing Your Speed Dating Service.

Speed Dating Business

While seven minutes may not seem long enough to determine whether a new acquaintance is a potential match, Rabbi Deyo and other speed dating organizers have found that it gives participants plenty of time to gauge their level of interest or get a feeling that the other person is just not the right fit. Just a word of personal advice from experience, I have noticed that age groups that range from 35 and up are more likely to fill up faster than those events for people who are single and under the age of My final events played out like the fitful struggles of any star-crossed relationship.

Games, Toys, and Hobbies. Only one man registered.

Star Wars Speed Dating - YouTube Geek Week

If you approach your encounters mindfully, you may find a rare common interest or a shared passion. Please try again later. The paid membership model promises sites revenue from every user who signs up, but may show slower user growth when compared to free dating sites. Guest writes Mark 12 No or Jane 16 Yes. Marketing Your Speed Dating Service You need to promote your business in pockets where the maximum number of singles is expected.

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      However, another model of this business is online speed dating. E-mails asking to be wait-listed blew up my inbox.

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      Please try again later.

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