Hook up 2 lights one switch

Published: 11.08.2018

Sean G Kaimuki,Hawaii Vehicle: Pic is of old label and new one. Originally Posted by bfan Does anyone want to take a moment to explain to me how I can wire two switch to two different lights.

You should now have the incoming black remaining. The picture is a thumbnail.

It will look like this Other than that, the other members described it correctly. The push button switch has four wires connected to it. Ryan Anchorage, AK Vehicle:

Connect the wires to the two screws on light one, one to each and do the same at light two. What are the amp ratings for yours combined? Multiple lights and switches on one circuit. I would appreciate your assistance in helping me out, Thanks. NightProwler , Dec 26,

How To Wire 3-Way Switches

How to hook up 2 lights to one switch with one power source? A picture is always worth a thousand words. What I want to do is have both lights work off the same switch.

But you may want to watch the video as well. Connect the black wire from the switch to the black wire of the fixture and to the black wire going to the other light. For an electrician, it's a very simple exercise, but there are too many picky little details you have to get right, to try to tell you all you need to know to make it a safe installation.

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      I am also assuming that you are in USA. Find All Thanked Posts.

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      Geen_Man - 28.08.2018 in 23:09

      Now for all light locations run a two wire cable from one location to the next,this should give you two, two wire cables at every light location except the very last one, it should have only one two wire cable.

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