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Published: 02.05.2018

Franciscan's Del Mar china is one of the older patterns, dating back to Toffee Franciscan's Toffee earthenware has a cream background with a brown outer rim and an orange and gold inner rim. Franciscan Metropolitan is one of the few square patterns Franciscan produced.

Hawaii by Franciscan is Whitestone ware. The center has concentric circles of yellow with loops and a repetition of the border surrounding a white flower in the center. To sell and market the dinnerware, the company first used the trade name of Franciscan Pottery.

It has a cream background with multi-colored flowers and a green trim. Franciscan Royal Renaissance was produced from to The English version of Franciscan's Apple design is slightly smaller than the California pottery. The background is still cream-colored but the trim is a royal blue.

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Franciscan's Madeira earthenware no to be confused with the glassware of the same name has a dark brown background with a complex pattern of green and tannish flowers. The Franciscan Tiempo pattern dates to It has a cream background with delicate blue Forget-Me-Not flowers and green leaves going all around the border.

Royal Renaissance Franciscan Royal Renaissance was produced from to The only lower priced dinnerware line, introduced in , to be manufactured in the Glendale plant was the earthenware Family China line designed by George T.

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Pebble Beach is another of Franciscan's earthenware designs. It has a broad cobalt border with gold filigree. Franciscan Bouquet is one of the later earthenware patterns dating from However, Shenango manufactured Franciscan's Gourmet line of stoneware dinnerware and cookware.

The Franciscan Mint Weave earthenware pattern has a cream background with a embossed cream border of criss-crossing lines and a mint green trim and inner circle. The only shape not designed for Modern Americana was the Metropolitan shape.

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      The border boasts the same golden yellow flowers with golden yellow filigree.

      Brain_Woker - 14.05.2018 in 06:47

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      Nigga_Nigga - 19.05.2018 in 17:52

      Franciscan Huntington was produced from to

      Andrey_Sakal - 24.05.2018 in 12:22

      Montego Franciscan Montego is a pattern from the Fashion Manor line. There was a thin brown border along the rim.

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