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Published: 20.09.2017

Then go to a pro photographer and get him to take pictures suited up as well as in other cool clothes. The persona you are shooting for is highly-educated drug dealer and professional blogger with friends in high places. Now get some proper photographs taken.

The plenty of fish forums comprise of members asking relationship or hobby related questions to other pof members. She will have a stained past with men. Read More Rate Site Add to favorites.

This gave me an insight of what turned them off so I can avoid making the same mistakes previous made by less determined men. Seems like it could be a real rapport-killer, and also give her time to back out. This is such a common female fantasy, its a trope of romantic comedies.

Share on Tumblr Email. I have a few questions: First girl I used this method on I got her back to my house same night! Trick is not to have an unrealistic expectation of what you want; look for a human being. I custom tailored my profile to include what my targeted demographic searched for.

Agree on avoiding women with the shopping list profile, their sense of entitlement is out of control. This plenty of fish forum topic is all about issues relating to single parent dating. Anyhow I am going to sign up for POF and see how your method works in relation to how I normally fare in the real world. If you're looking for looks you'll always keep your eyes open even when you're with someone, if you're looking for money it will never be enough, if you're looking for stability then you're looking for a parent.

I am the man every girl is looking for: After that it comes down to playing the numbers game.

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      I custom tailored my profile to include what my targeted demographic searched for.

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