Dating man with borderline personality disorder

Published: 16.06.2018

Once you can pin point these things, you can work on the issues. We give each other space — and I do not control him nor does he control me. You need to be realistic here and deal with the real problem:

Just focus on yourself. Any advice on at least toning this crap down?

If I did absolutely nothing about my own ways of thinking and reacting to the actions and behaviors of others up to this point then I would most likely have passed by now. We discussed therapy but she basically refused and went to a psychic instead. BPD and NP disorded people refuse to believe they are wrong.

I think those of you suffering from BPD need to wake up and realise as I have come to realise that the only way you are ever going to get better, or at the very least experience substantial improvements in the thoughts and feelings of everyday living, is to accept these flaws in your personality.

I always felt the need for him to apologize for some of his behavior too but that rarely happened.

The Borderline Relationship

I noticed she started becoming very distant and said she was too busy to or too tired to talk to me or see me she had an intense week of midterms to study for. I just got out of a relationship with someone who was up and down all the time, who always had an issue with me. They see love in an entirely different way. I moved in shortly after we found out we were expecting to save on expenses.

The person they knew and love is still there, somewhere deep down inside.

    1. Semka_Avdushev - 19.06.2018 in 10:57

      Just like Rick said, it takes an understanding.

      Snok_Pechenka - 20.06.2018 in 07:12

      He argued about therapy and even projected his personality disorder on me and told me to get help. How can I help her and is there a way of getting her to warm up to me again?

      Kolya_Baranov - 30.06.2018 in 13:55

      She was horrible and then she felt bad for being horrible and nothing he could do can fix it.

      Samvel_Grand - 09.07.2018 in 07:57

      But I simply feel like she is easy to be triggered to the point that is not even making sense at all.

      mark9275 - 13.07.2018 in 01:18

      The way to heal is to be honest with yourself. Grammatical errors Submitted by Erika on February 13, - 2:

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