Well pump hook up

Published: 13.06.2018

Attach the next section of pipe to the initial pipe and lower the assembly into the well until the top of the pipe is again at the top of the well casing. And the pitless adapter - what connects the well service water line that runs below ground from the well casing to the inside of the Momplex - is attached to the end of the tubing.

Put two people in charge of directing pipe at the well head, and a third guiding the top end of the pipe and tee handle along the ground. But that's a good and bad thing. Prime the system, turn it on, and let it run a few cycles.

With help from the sales clerk and the photographs, you can match the replacement pump to the original model, or at least find a comparable model of the same size and with the same pump performance. Whether lifting or lowering a submersible, the process involves two things: Once each of the foot lengths was laid out we bundled the lines together, securing them to one another with plastic zip ties at 10 foot intervals. It has thicker insulation than usual and is a group of three or four wires depending on the type loosely wound together. Let air out of the tank until this pressure is 2 to 4 psi below the cut-in pressure for the pump, which is the lower of its pressure settings. Then the wiring gets pulled down the gray tube on the well back into the Momplex, and we can put a cap on it! The well is already punched, now we just have to get the water out of the ground, up a couple hundred feet, and into the Momplex.


Everything worked like a charm and we now have fresh running water on our property! After meshing the two halves of the pitless adaptor, tie the end of the safety rope on the top of the inner well cap, complete your connections to the wires feeding power to the pump, then fasten the outer well cover over everything.

This is a typical installation and it allows you to see both the removal and replacement sides of the work. This is a pitless adaptor and you can see how it works to the right.

Submersible Well Pump Installation Overview by Aqua Science

Install a check valve immediately after the water pipe enters your house, but before it reaches the pressure tank. Note that rodents can easily chew through the white plastic, so we have used BX in this installation. Terms of Service Privacy Statement. The well service line is about 9 feet down to prevent freezing, so it's pretty tricky hooking the pitless adapter on to the well service line,.

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      With the pump in the water hundreds of feet below ground, the other end of the tubing gets trimmed off. The poly pipe is connected onto the top of the pump with a pipe clamp and the safety rope is fastened at the designated point with a series of knots reinforced with plastic ties.

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