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Published: 02.08.2018

ESB Enterprises , a leading manufacturer of tanning beds, indicates that all improper voltages must be fixed with the correct buck booster or buck-boost transformer, an autotransformer that is used to adjust the voltage applied to AC alternating current equipment such as tanning beds.

First, compare the amps on your AC unit to the amps on the tanning bed.

I have recently changed the igniter after having problems with starting the fireplace. Your cord isn't big enough for one thing. I plugged the bed up and I measured Volts going in to the transformer, but nothing coming out.

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When it comes to all Volt tanning beds, the extra power requires a NEMA R receptacle pictured below left and a dedicated 20 Amp circuit breaker, regardless of the lamp count. That number is the amount of Amps that circuit can provide. My partner recently moved into a rental ranch home and has. Yes - take a drawing of the outlet to the store and they'll sell you that plug - then put it on the end of the chord for the tanning bed - and plug it in.

Tanning bed install

But i've heard people that put beds in their house as well and just curious as to what kind of beds they use for home. Web sites like justanswer. A workman has been changing spouting around the roof of my. Electrical Requirements for Tanning Beds Have you recently purchased a tanning bed from an individual or private party and are unsure about the electrical requirements?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Read the manual that came with your tanning bed to learn the voltage your new tanning bed uses.

    1. James_Morgan - 09.08.2018 in 01:21

      About all the previous owner could tell me is that it was wired directly into a box in the wall with two volt lines Black and white , and one ground green. Just tell whoever you call that it is a VOLT tanning bed.

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