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Published: 28.09.2017

Trolled with bottom bouncers, spinners and leeches. Colder temps are due back by Friday and into next weekend with daytime forecasts being low to mid 20's and nighttime down into the single digits.

Ice depths are a good 13 to 15 inches. Friday forecast to be a high of 22, low of 10 and winds WNW 10 to

Suspect the point on main land to the north east of cabin, just south of the southeast corner of the big island held more fish before we quit. Luxury in the wildernesss — what a concept. Higgins Lake trailhead looks very good as does Owens. Night time lows for yesterday and tonight in the mid 20's. We are forecast to get snow Monday and Tuesday between 1 and 3 inches with temps in the mid 30's Monday and mid 20's Tuesday. Temps today are supposed to reach a high of 30 with a low tonight of

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Temps this week are dropping into the mid to low teens during the day and single digits for night time lows. Put quite a few fish back. NASA's older Mars rover notches another milestone. I did notice that Lyman's on the Lake has now put out their rental shanties as well as a lot more private shanties dotting the lake.

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I rode in the chase truck that day. Temps today should reach about 10 with a low of 1 overnight. The Official Charts Company.

Should bring a total of another inch or two of snow. There's pressure cracks in the main body of the lake near Long Point and another good size one over in the East Bay. We're getting snow folks

    1. Eddie_Marsan - 02.10.2017 in 21:25

      Still a few wet spots but tonight and tomorrow its supposed to be in the teens. Saturday's high 12, low 12 and winds NNE 5 to

      Matvey_Matvienko - 08.10.2017 in 12:59

      I know I'm not going to miss that for anything! No good spots found they make every few hours.

      Art_Boxing - 14.10.2017 in 19:33

      No northern in any sheltered Bay — decided to go wading in a tranquil sheltered bay east side of peninsula opposite cabin.

      Andrey_Kalashnikov - 15.10.2017 in 08:41

      Looking for that perfect tree change? The pressure crack on the south shore continues to close up well but needs to be checked carefully if you are in that area.

      VisiON - 22.10.2017 in 10:25

      Lost performance of Cat Food found".

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