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Published: 25.09.2017

Episodes from the first four seasons of George Lopez do not use those respective seasons' opening titles, the season five version is used instead this is evident as Emiliano Diez is credited in the sequence, which is slightly longer than how they were originally broadcast on ABC, though there is also a short version also used in syndication that also differs from the original short opening credits that does not credit him for seasons , even though Diez did not make his first guest appearance until season two and did not become a cast regular until season four ; the final two seasons use those seasons' appropriate versions of the opening credits.

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List of George Lopez episodes. After Carmen is denied entry into her private school for the next semester, Angie decides to home-school her.

George believes that Carmen's growing up too fast when she demands a drivers' license and wants to spend prom night in a motel with Jason. Lopez said that ABC "dealt with us from the bottom of the deck" and that it was "hard to take after what was a good run. Famous People Collection — via Amazon.

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There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Lusha launched her career as a model and theater actress in Michigan. George is happy to spend Father's Day with Vic, but is crushed when he finds that Vic is having pose as his son to challenge his rival at a father-son golf game.

After George interferes with Benny and Randy's relationship and they break up, George tries to get them back together. When Carmen wishes to start using birth control, George and Angie consider compromising with her to keep her relationship with Jason down to Earth.

Angie Lopez/Constance Marie in sexy lingerie and carmen lopez Masiela Lusha in two sexy outfits

I shared all of that with America — every secret I had The Art of Boxing S3E Girls Night Out S2E George is told to fire Ernie after his weight causes problems at the factory, so he helps Ernie shed some pounds so he can keep his job. When George and Angie try to take out a loan to get Carmen into a private school following the events of "Girl Fight" , George discovers that his father Manny had another son that shares his name.

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      The family adopts a sick dog named Mr. Benny and Randy S3E

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