Who is jenna dating on pretty little liars

Published: 04.03.2018

The two shared this scene in the woods - subtle enough to be close friends, but intimate enough to be something more. Meanwhile, Spencer turns to Ali's brother, Jason, for information about the night they believe Alison died, only to have to face part of her unpleasant past with Ali.

Jenna visits Emily in the hospital with her seeing eye dog, Shadow. The cage with the rat named Spencer is missing.

Jenna and Sydney explain later on to Emily how they are only with Alison because they are too scared to wrong her as Jenna has already made the mistake of saying no to Alison's friendship. After Garrett's body got discovered, Toby waits with Spencer and her friends. At the end of the episode Toby and Spencer kiss. She is seen talking to Mona in the first Halloween special. That night, Toby comes to Spencer's house asking to hang out.

It is unclear whether she overheard their date plans. And at the end of the episode, Lucas tries to tell Hanna something. That afternoon, Toby has lunch with Spencer outside the high school as she tells him about Mona coming back. She says that he wouldn't tell her, and that she left it at that.

The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket. She asks Hanna if she likes the color. Laughing and enjoying each others company, everyone starts to serve their plates with food. Salt Meets Wound Toby has been released from jail due to insufficient evidence, but with one caveat: During this time, he helps Caleb, Ezra and Alison form a plan of their own to find the girls.

    1. Kristina_Frolowa - 08.03.2018 in 06:52

      Inside, Jenna removes her robe to reveal the black lace lingerie she was seen buying.

      Nikita_Doronina - 16.03.2018 in 07:51

      Toby asks why it was buried but Mr. When she peeks through the window into the room, she sees a bag from "Neufelds," the same exact bag Ian mysteriously gave Jenna during their strange encounter at the high school.

      Sheba_Matka - 20.03.2018 in 18:13

      Spencer looks out the window and notices a roof ledge which juts out "all the way around the building" about feet, and she says she doesn't know how Toby's mother fell, but she doesn't think his mother jumped. It can only be assumed that this message and the other escalating threats of Season 3 were from Toby.

      Alejandro_Moore - 22.03.2018 in 00:36

      Because of the way the scene is shot, we can see that Jenna is losing her vision again.

      Thomas_Barera - 27.03.2018 in 02:57

      Toby is at Spencer's house looking over some things as she asks him about Jenna.

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