Different types of kush

Published: 07.06.2018

Cheese is a hybrid that leans towards the indica side. However, it is not known as a pain blocker. KushhhKinggg Good Strain For:

This prevents the fertilization of the female plants, either to facilitate sinsemilla flowering or to provide more control over which male is chosen. The New Zealand Herald. Also the female only seeds may carry the hermaphrodite trait.

Tom Cruise Purple is a strain of cannabis sold in California by select licensed cannabis clubs. Kush plants have things in common. Hybrid Sativas is popular because it can produce the lift of pure Sativas without the paranoia. This and all other articles written on Leafly. Pure Indica tends to block pain better than other cannabis varieties and is sought out by those using marijuana for medical purposes.

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What do you say? In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Imbibers find that they are able to focus for long periods of time and experience a sense of well being. Tom Cruise Purple is sold by cannabis purveyors in Northern California.

"Khalifa Kush" - (Strain Review)

Tom Cruise Purple is sold by cannabis purveyors in Northern California. It gives users a strong euphoric feeling coupled with an energetic buzz; perfect for daytime adventures. This variety is harder to find because it is more difficult to grow both indoors and outdoors if you are in a northern climates.

Oakland born strain created by crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. An extremely popular hybrid strain that is known for its dense resin content and thick white crystal coating.

    1. Ricardo_Hanks - 17.06.2018 in 00:02

      As far as the high is concerned, Sativas will tend to produce more of a cerebral, energetic or giggly high, while Indicas produce more of a body stoned, known to enhance physical aspects such as sound and taste and can also have a relaxing effect.

      Gamer_Weezy - 20.06.2018 in 07:32

      KushhhKinggg Good Strain For: An extremely potent strain, that has an abundance of T.

      INSERTINTO`users`(`Name`,`pKey` - 28.06.2018 in 16:02

      I thought smoking made us all peaceful?

      Chloe_Moretz - 30.06.2018 in 21:36

      It covers your mouth in a musky almost dusty taste. Post a strain in the comments and tell us why it is your favorite.

      David_Rock - 07.07.2018 in 12:28

      The Indica plant tends to grow and mature faster. Indica is a short plant that can be easily cultivated within indoor spaces.

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