Why dating nerds is better

Published: 11.08.2018

Social media is here to stay but are your habits jeopardizing your relationship? I would still date a nerd again if I actually met one who was both intelligent AND genuinely kind.

OMG, a nerd in glasses and a suit?! When they do suit up, they're very impressive.

Maxx Obejero She is a nerdy Game of Thrones fangirl who loves to write as in articles and write like literally with a pen — she likes lettering. OMG, a nerd in glasses and a suit?! All in all, nerds, geeks and the like are not only good for the friend zone, they are most definitely for keeps. Nerds have preferences in the opposite gender just like everyone else, so pay attention still to what makes you a viable candidate for their affection. I just dropped another egg. Most women are naturally attracted to the hot, sexy, tall guys that look like models.

Did he create his own board game? Lock it down.

Come on now, how can intelligence be a bad thing? But what about a grown-up nerd? Being passionate about things is adorable. Cantrell-Kraig , founder of the Women with Drive Foundation, is a woman who loves to date nerds. In some ways, most men are nerds. We respect your privacy.

Why Geeks Make Better Boyfriends

Their passions are what drive their relationship potentials away. As a woman who has successfully dated nerds for many years, author Laura McNeill says, "They can hold a real conversation about why it's better to own a Mac than a PC.

Every woman wants to look and feel her best, but it takes time and practice to learn what works. What a waste of intelligence and a fine body and big package! A nerd in a suit?

    1. Hunter_Pass - 19.08.2018 in 17:41

      Things to Know About PyeongChang. Are you close to your parents?

      Nik_Fire - 26.08.2018 in 22:01

      Geeky men are incredibly creative.

      Rafael_Brown - 28.08.2018 in 15:30

      In fact, if you wear their sweatpants with the Star Trek insignia on the leg, they might even think you look sexy.

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