Hook up double switch

Published: 28.08.2017

If your setup does not include a grounding wire, make one by cutting a piece of wire and stripping it down to bare metal. Login User Name Remember Me?

How does a four-way switch schematic work? Click below to let us know you read this article , and wikiHow will donate to Barefoot College on your behalf. These power terminals are marked "2" and "5", and are on opposite sides of the switch.

In this circuit, we connect our 9-volt DC power source to terminal 2. It is one black wire from the power source hot wire and a black wire from the neighboring switch. Cut the power to the room you're working in.

They are often, but not always, white. About Us about us contact us FAQs. Essentially, 2 black wires are attached to the bottom dark screw of one switch. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around all the terminals, protecting them from potential shorts.

How to Wire a Double Switch - 2 Single Pole Switches

If you can keep the wire bent into its current shape it may be easier to attach later. Make sure there is enough wire exposed to make a connection with the terminal.

Remember, however, that the hot wire is usually black or red, where the neutral wires are usually white. There is a metal, rectangular tab on most double switches that indicates which side is for feed wires. The source neutral and ground wires are spliced to run to each light box.

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