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Published: 15.08.2017

That isn't the sites fault!! There are much better dating sites out there in which I found a match last year. I have met someone that I really like.

You have to 1 hunt down a number, most listed do not work. Please reply to this message.

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This is one of worst dating service I ever used. I am very disappointed in e-harmony. It is a complete waste of time and money. Is anyone aware of a class action against eHarmony as this behaviour must be rife and they are making millions from members who have unsubscribed but cannot stop the payments!

Matches are out of my area and my match profiles say no more that 60 miles.

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I would like to cancel my contract with you I am not interested anymore — Please do not take our any more monies from my account. I never actually got to meet anyone on eharmony while a member. This is ridiculous business practice. I have complained by email and cancelled my account stating I do not want and further monies taken for ongoing subscription.

    1. Jack_Lewis - 23.08.2017 in 12:26

      What the hell is that bullshit. I also want my money back.

      Richerd_Smith - 27.08.2017 in 20:10

      This companies behaviour is criminal.

      Nikita_Parus - 07.09.2017 in 00:14

      I am 67 yet they would send me matches for men that were even 20 yrs younger than me with no common mutual interests, even though I specified they be between the ages of 65 to

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