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Published: 04.04.2018

I am a newbie in swinging and this was actually my first experience visiting a swinger club. Hopefully it will take off soon.

Exciting and localized Everything you need to create an exceptional life experience for you and other people in Prague. Hello, if you are looking for swingers club, you can find it here — http:


My fetish is gangbang. You will find couples who choose to be exclusive, and they come to the club to have sex in many different locations. You could either get dressed in erotic underwear or clothes you feel comfortable in; the clothes will be stored in a locker.

And if another couple's interested

Swingers LaVa

We'll at least go to Paradiso and will report Noone may be forced to do anything by anybody. All men must obey obligatory rules of the Club and noone may be forced to do anything unwanted. Perhaps the only bad thing about the club is finding it--you should call first and the staff will explain how to find the club.

    1. Igor_Lazarevich - 06.04.2018 in 12:34

      Entry prices were lower than swinger clubs in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, or the UK and ranged from 12 Euros for Sunday night to around 40 Euros for Wednesday which is gangbang day and where the action starts at

      Get_Madder - 09.04.2018 in 01:39

      We wish all of you to feel good and pleasant in our Club. Different destinations Mallorca, Egypt, Bali, Cancun and much more….

      Super_Nigga - 16.04.2018 in 05:29

      Both the men were in their 40s and very experienced. Swingers clubs usually have a ban on mobile phones or cameras in the common rooms so there is no need to worry about being filmed or photographed.

      Tortik_Fox - 22.04.2018 in 06:15

      Wide and enrich your erotic horizonts and change your stereotypes! The owners are incredibly nice and friendly and make you feel right at home.

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