I regret not dating him

Published: 09.10.2017

Sad and amazing all at once! I'll spare you the details.

I think it is much more fun to know a lot of people and have all types of different experiences instead of just sticking to that one person, who is likely to leave you anyway.

Instead, I'm going to explore opportunities as they come, and not worry about the "what if"s so much.

When a guy tells you they want to take it slow with you what does it mean? I think this shows that no matter how much humans like to profess their independence, we are inherently social beings, and actually suffer greatly when deprived of human contact. Actually, have you seen the movie Young Adult?

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Then out of the blue she said she met someone else online. Guys, come and go an instant. Do you regret not dating someone in your past? Here, you wouldn't have even been legal for him. As for your situation, if the two of you have agreed to become friends, then treat him like a friend. This myth is perpetuated by older generations as a method to propagate the human race even though the planet is already overcrowded as it is.

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What are some reasons people are single? Posted 31 March - In the end I felt being judged every second when I was being sincere. I know that's a hard pill to swallow, but it's the reality of the matter. Dec 28, 5. I'm almost finished after reading it for about a week.

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