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Published: 30.08.2017

However, after having used the site, the first thing that bothered me was their automatic renewal, and how extremely difficult they make it to cancel your membership.

Very disgusted with their business model and practices.

I've relieved no emails telling me that they were stealing my money away from me. I might not get a refund, but I will make people aware of your contract loopholes and of Match.

Asked for college educated conservative type men.

Sheetz 34 employee attitude vs. I didn't log in for 4 days I looked and there is no toggle button.

2705 Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Most of them are 35 year olds that want to talk to a dang 18 year old which is disgusting. Sure enough they renewed my account and charged me for three months.

Unfortunately, the Paypal screen that I am look at lists the only reason to stop as "fraud". I didn't log in for 4 days I accepted that and thought I'd try for 3 more months, but made sure I cancelled my auto renewal right then. I don't know what to do, if I can do anything.

Top 7 Best free Online dating site without credit card registration

But of course the main beneficiary is Match. Now, I deleted MY account, which was a free account, so since there was no credit card involved, no extended usage would be possible.

Most are left out of pocket because they failed to read, or forgot to make a note of, the small print in their contracts. Such access is restricted to authorized users only; any attempt by you to access these areas without authorization may subject you to criminal or dating site without auto renewal liability.

    1. Jack_Willis - 02.09.2017 in 19:49

      I'll file a lawsuit even for such a small amount just because this is a terrible business practice.

      Vito_Vespucci - 07.09.2017 in 23:37

      If you do not receive this, please let us know as soon as possible. They said that Visa has a similar policy and I just noticed that the renewal was credited back to me a few days ago.

      Petri_Kontiola - 11.09.2017 in 19:38

      How is OkCupid vs Match.

      Sanja_Klimov - 17.09.2017 in 15:32

      Customers who feel they have been unfairly charged can try to reclaim their money under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if they paid by credit card, or if they used Paypal by its buyer protection scheme. I called them back stating this as the other person said they did but match still did not care.

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