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Published: 07.06.2018

Hi Gals, I just found your website as I was wondering if anyone else felt the pain that I do. This month will be a long separation because he is training on a new plane and will be away for a whole month.

The constant affairs are very draining.

Thank you for notifying us. I have 3 children at home 6 in total. It is really depressing as I had worked very hard to get to where I was with a great local company on Vancouver Island.

C — Calm — Situations will arise that you have no control over. It is stressful to do the school and it is stressful to do the initial training, not to mention being on reserve. Then he leaves on my days off. J — Jealous — He gets to actually take a shower and eat dinner by himself and see the world!!! It is important to remain calm, cool and collected.

To assist you in this quest. I struggled with the lack of friends. We try to have couple time, especially when he gets home and right before he leaves.

On the plus side we have traveled a lot and my children have seen things that their friends only dream about. I always wished that he could trade places with me for a week but a friend brought up to me a very valid point….

Airline Pilot on Tinder in the Cockpit

Of course you do! Getting a degree can mean the difference between getting hired at a major or not at least right now , which means the difference of literally millions of dollars down the line. Hmmm, If I had a chance to go back in time before I invested as much into my relationship I would have run the other way! I feel like we live in two different worlds and that I am really not part of the world that keeps him away.

I have never been so sad and lonely ever. I am an ex-wife.

    1. Andrej_Ghost - 14.06.2018 in 01:36

      Then we exchanged them and read them. He is super depressed.

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