Hot water heater electrical hookup

Published: 26.06.2018

Heat the fitting and solder. References 2 Aubuchon Hardware:

Provides recirculation mode, as required to maintain water storage tank temperature. This the fee that you pay for the privilege of meeting the serviceman.

Wiring an Electric Hot Water Heater

Punch out the knockout hole next to the wires by tapping on it with a hammer and screwdriver. A 5-gallon expansion tank is needed for water heaters up to gallons. Wrap Teflon tape tightly around the threads on the pipes that stick out on top of the water heater the cold water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet pipe.

The data plate on your current tank has size and energy specifications that help make buying a comparable unit easier. You might want to consider an inline pressure gauge for pressure monitoring.

Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market.

Electric Water Heater Installation

As water heaters age, they become less energy efficient and the tanks inside them corrode. Reduced pressure lessens stress on plumbing lines and extends the life of appliances and fixtures.

Place the new water heater in a drain pan. Use the red PEX tubing to connect the hot water outlet pipe on top of the water heater to the line that carries hot water to the faucets in your home, and the blue PEX tubing to connect the cold water inlet pipe on top of the water heater to the line that carries water into the water heater.

Be armed with good questions.

    1. Maks_Sline - 02.07.2018 in 19:25

      Determine which expansion tank you will need. If this is a new installation, strip the plastic outer sheath of the NM cable so that about six-inches of wire is exposed.

      Wutang_Clan - 03.07.2018 in 23:09

      Thus, the white wire is actually a "hot" line in this application. For a residence they are highly impractical.

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