Lucy and gray dating fanfic

Published: 01.05.2018

It wasn't such an easy order for them, because the waiter was obviously flirting with Lucy. I want you to be my girlfriend.

Gray-sama lets go of his arm from Juvia and Juvia looked at Gray-sama. He started out slow…an extended peck, a light brush of his finger down her neck. Much to his dismay Lucy doesn't know what he's talking about - Until Erza comes along and helps him out.

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Juvia and Gray-sama blushed and started at each other. Why are you saying something like this? Don't worry…your child will serve us well.

He can't get her back, for she has a new man in her life Fairy Tail - Rated: Rated T for Language.

Nalu Lemon "One Shot"

They were at the guild as usual. It became hard for the bandits to keep him subdued. You're kidding me right!?!?! Celestial Ice Gray x Lucy.

    1. Demuel_Rodrigez - 08.05.2018 in 02:42

      Ending him with a punch to the face as well. But 'alone' is not what she gets when she is greeted by a mysterious beauty who claims to be her guardian.

      Freddy_Brison - 17.05.2018 in 19:41

      Lucy, but not Gray. When he meets Lucy the next day he asks her what's it.

      Fernando_Jimbo - 21.05.2018 in 03:44

      Such is the burning passion, that cannot be contained, enveloped within my skin. Lucy, but not Gray.

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