Faking it amy and karma hook up

Published: 30.08.2017

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He tells her he saw Liam and Karma flirting with each other at the protest and thinks Karma is cheating on her. The lunch lady knows this means they are break up and spreads the news. After her night with Liam, Amy goes to buy Plan B as soon as she gets the chance, only to run into Karma, who was following her.

Amy Raudenfeld

The morning after the party, Amy and Lauren's parents decide they will get divorced and Lauren is invited to go back to Dallas with her dad.

Dynasty Hits the Elusive 0. The three of them agree to go to the prom together. Once Karma and Amy have made up as BFFs, Karma admits that she let their fake relationship get out of control and promises to spend the rest of her life making it up to Amy.

Faking It

However, when Lauren figures out the truth she invites her friends over which lead to a heated game of "Truth or Dare" that reveals everyone's secrets. Press Enter to Search. Game-changing Faking It secret revealed! While Amy is clearly attracted to these two hotties, Karma seems to be having a hard time following her own plan.

To distract herself from Theo, Lauren plans to run for school president only to find her plans thwarted when she learns that Shane is also running for similar reasons. On the morning after the prom, Karma and Shane each tell their version of how it went down with the threesome to Amy and Liam, respectively.

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      Farrah barges into the room, asking what are they doing to which the girls respond they're talking about the Homecoming and their dates, which are boys. She's been confused, she's pined, she's wondered if Karma maybe felt the same way about her

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      Season 2, Part 1". Let's all get donuts to celebrate!

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      In this episode, Amy immediately enters into stalker mode.

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