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Published: 29.09.2017

While we do have general standards, we must not get judgmental about those who seem immodestly dressed. I found that helpful, though I don't think he really meant that one can't put one's arms around someone's waist or give someone a hug.

And it seems to me that it is this shift in marriage and dating conventions that truly ensures that polygamy can never be reinstituted. Who were these people? The answer is simple:

As with any appetite or passion, physical desire can be distorted, overindulged, or misused. For example, I bet that your girlfriend's parents are neurotic, unreasonable, paranoid, overly protective, utterly psychotic, and completely devoted to doing what they think will help their daughter find happiness in a dangerous and destructive world where loving, caring, protective parents are a rare commodity. We encourage people to repent and work out there problems when possible, and hope that every marriage will be successful and eternal. I believe it is this implication that perhaps led Joseph Smith to inquire of God about the meaning of this passage.

Courtship Requires Effort and Restraint

Single members need to understand that they are just as valuable as any other son or daughter of God, and that the full blessings of the Gospel are meant for them as well as anyone else. Just getting married in the temple doesn't change an irresponsible, unkind man into a gallant gentleman. See President Gordon B. Just a few days ago I learned what significance dreams have in this religion.

Elder Clayton - Courtship and Marriage

First, they did not know the scriptures. We do not marry in heaven - that ordinance must be done beforehand. There was never any violence or similar major incidents during our marriage apart from these infidelities of course but we did argue almost every week for this or that. Taking his wife, Flora, by the hand, he assisted her out, and they walked arm in arm to a seat in the viewing stand.

Therefore, no one makes a move; it just becomes kind of vanilla and stagnant.

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      By the way, the best place to get married, in terms of providing a high likelihood of a successful and happy marriage, is in the Temple. The personal preparation in terms of worthiness, the serious covenants that are made, and the eternal perspective the Temple offers, all combine to make marriages much more likely to succeed, in my opinion.

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